I have skin patches on my neck and chest since I my teens, could it be too much insulin?

As a teen i started getting skin patches on my neck and chest. Dry not itchy or anything. Just wondering what it could be. I’m now 27 years old. So its been happening for some time now. I was once told by a Dr not being checked just her opinion that it could be because my body produces to much insulin. I’m no Dr but i just think that’s not what it could be. Id just like answers and to see what i could possibly do about it.

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Dr.Honey Arora
9:34 am

Please provide following details:
1. On touching are these patches appearing raised over the surface?
2. Did they ever itched or painful or were symptom free since beginning?
3. Is there similar spots anywhere else in body?
4.Do you bleed more on injury?
5. Any medical problems?
6. Any known allergies?

Please revert back..


Ayman Darrag
12:51 pm

Those seem to be contact or allergic dermatitis, you should try to make observations about when and how they happen,special food or clothes ,necklaces could be the cause.
Use antihistaminics as symptomatic treatment otc creams can work anyway.

Ahmed Fawzy
4:41 pm

This is Contact Dermatitis , antihistamine and corticosteroid creams would help much.
Good Luck