Diagnosed PID + uteres infection, anti body positive, does that mean HIV positive?

My Name is (…) I live in Ethiopia i have a medical problem with may wife

my wife always complains of back pain sore throat and frequency of urine but no more urine when she goes to the toilet. Then we visited health institution in last night he diagnosed PID + uteres infection.

I confused when the lab test has written Anti body positive so what means anti body positive please give good knowledge is may wife hiv positive or not???

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Ahmed Fawzy
7:00 pm

Anti body positive means she has either chlamydia and gonorrhea , this can be from Use an intrauterine device (IUD) for birth control
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
9:26 am

Antibiody positive is due to formation of antibodies in the body that fights against infection..
So if antibdies are present to a specific antigen [infection causing agent in your case] then it indicates that you have infection..
Can you please confirm from your doctor that she is antibody positive against which infectious agent like Chlamydia or anything else..
I can advise you more appropriately after knowing that..
Also do not worry as she will be fine with treatment..


Ayman Darrag
12:46 pm

No it does not indicate hiv it means that her body is forming antibodies against a type of bacterial infection ( depends on the type of antibodies formed) this is going to need evaluation of the cause bu s gynecologist to give a proper management plan