Diagnosed PID + uteres infection, anti body positive, does that mean HIV positive?

My Name is (…) I live in Ethiopia i have a medical problem with may wife

my wife always complains of back pain sore throat and frequency of urine but no more urine when she goes to the toilet. Then we visited health institution in last night he diagnosed PID + uteres infection.

I confused when the lab test has written Anti body positive so what means anti body positive please give good knowledge is may wife hiv positive or not???

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Diagnosed with UTI, HIV positive, HIV negative, 6 years of anxiety what’s wrong with me?

Im a male 40. In 2010 a girl gave me oral no intercourse, 3 days later i had burning pee an fell very ill. Doc said UTi but antbiotics didn’t work I felt worse. 3 month later std n HIV neg, My pregnant wife neg. Soon i had chills for days, loss of appetite, and still burning. 1 year later HIV- ANXIETY! Sometimes my body would feel warm n itching. In 2012 i screened for std n HIV neg- I am going on an episode of constant throat mucus. An my wife gets yeast infections. It’s been almost 6 years of anxiety, what’s wrong with me? Do i need more testing?

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