I have suffered from severe headaches and migraines for years?

I have suffered from severe headaches and migraines for years and quite recently I have started to have constant buzzing in my ears and, when I am walking, I can hear something in my head as though something is clicking or tapping against my skull. I can’t seem to place where the clicking or tapping is occurring but I can hear it and I am wondering if my headaches and migraines are being caused by something in my head. It sounds like fingernails tapping against each other in my head and only occurs when I am walking.

Should this be something I should be concerned about?

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3:15 am

this can be cluster headache.
to rule out other causes,you can get a ct brain done.
deep breathing exercises,meditation and yoga will help.

Dr.Honey Arora
12:15 pm

Thanks for the query..

Well, the synptoms can be due to causes like Migraine or cluster headache while it can also be seen in conditions like Intracranial hypertension..

Consult a Neurophysician and get evaluated and investigations like MRI Scan and ear examination can help in ruling out the cause and will be treated according to the diagnosis..

Hope this helps..


Masr Fawzy
12:48 pm

I think it’s something related to your ear..
Middle ear or inner ear problem acn cause referred pain to the head .. headache with dizzness and strange sounds

I recommend u to consult ENT dr

Ahmed Fawzy
1:04 pm

Do a brain angiography to search for brain aneurysm, once you clear that out you can check your Eustachian tube for block
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
6:31 pm

You are mostly having problem in the inner ear and sinuses,an ENT doctor can help..
In general it is not something to worry about..