I have two holes in my chest that blow bloody bubbles when I breathe?

i have two holes in my chest that blow bloody bubbles when i breathe and have 3 broken ribs on the left side. i also have 4 gashes on the same side. the holes in the left side of my chest make a sucking sound when i breathe. i cant breathe deep. i called the emts and they are on their way. i keep bleeding from the holes in the left side of my chest. i was shot twice. i cant breathe. what will the emts and doctors do to stop this? and what is this condition called? what can i do for self care at home?

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Masr Fawzy
6:38 pm

One of the first things you should do is apply ice to the injured area. Icing the injury early on can help reduce the inflammation and pain. Over the counter pain medication may also be given to ease the pain.. like any pain killers u have . If it hurts to breath and move, which is likely, then you should wrap and elastic ace bandage around the persons chest to help restrict movement .. apply a bandage and try to stop the bleeding by compression until help comes.. I hope help comes to u ASAP Doctors will do ur the… Read more »

Ayman Darrag
7:02 pm

You should hurry to the ER asap ..
They should stop the bleeding and withdraw the bullets and its traces..disinfect the wound and you should be admitted for a few days..CT scan must be done also then after care will depend on the outcomes of investigations..

5:25 am

you should visit ER as soon as possible.
bleeding cannot be stopped by other means.
the bullets must be removed early .
probably this is hemopneumothorax.
the lung and the pleura seem to be punctured causing the air and blood to leak into the lung tissues.

Ahmed Fawzy
7:16 am

Keep pressure on bullet holes
Try keeping right side in a higher level to avoid blood spiling to your right side