Question: I have yeast infection….came back with a vengeance.

I am uncircumcised, healthy 40 year old man.
Was in a wet suit all day on July 16th, a couple weeks later developed yeast infection, which I treated topically using Modistat. Went away for a week or so, but return with a vengeance. Continued applying ointment for over a week, which cause my penis head to become quite numb, so I stopped using it and resorted to using the home remedy of applying yogurt and eating yogurt, this has been another week now and I still seem to have it. What should I do?

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9:54 am

actually local anti fungal creams and properly maintained hygiene is enough to cure it. but if this isnt helping you, then you can take oral anti fungal tablets for atleast 7 days.
this will speeden up the recovery process.
if ,still,this doesnt help, consult a doctor.