I just had my 5th spinal fusion pain right now is all muscle related, please advise?

I am a 51 year old female . I just had my 5th spinal fusion , this time C4-5 and 5-6 in Dec 16 , 2016 I am normally very active and in good physical shape . I did also a a pretty complicated 7 hour emergency lumbar fusion in August of 2016. I am in an Aspen collar for 6 weeks I have been up and active since about 3 days post op. I wear my collar all day and Dr. said I didn’t have to wear it at night , much relieved by that. However , I move around a great deal in the night and last night felt a little pop in my neck , painless . My main source of pain right now is all muscle related . Some weakness in hands , not bad , and some burning in the sides of my neck and down through shoulders to around elbows . i try to rest a little here and there during the day . However , I am particularly tired today . I have taken , with the exception of last Sat. only one pain pill most days , but not everyday . Sat . I took two during day. Sat. during the night extreme pain. i took an Oxycontin , which is a desperate measure for me . My two main questions 1: should I be wearing the collar at night ? 2: is it normal to be this tired? This operation took only about 3 hours , seemed like small potatoes after the August surgery . I am not sure that I know what it means when a Dr. says slow down , What specifically does that look like . I am a single mom , 4 kids , youngest is 11. It sounds like a lot and it is but I also have help The children are helpful too. I don’t particularly want to wear collar at night , and sometimes if i am just sitting in a chair watching TV (rare) I do take collar off . I hope this all makes sense !

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Ahmed Fawzy
9:49 pm

Take it slow means specifically no sudden rotation (twist ) or looking upwards , preferably avoid those 2 moves completely, taking off collar infront of TV is wrong , yes you should take it off when you sleep , be carfull because fusion will cause the above and below discs prone to injury, you should try to adjust to a lower range of neck motion
I recommend you tell your doctor about your pop sound , it can be nothing but checking C3/4 is preferable to be safe

Good Luck

10:51 pm

Follow up question: May I ask , how much basic exercise like brisk walking should I be doing right now , 17 days post op . What is appropriate amount of rest during day If I am tired ? Should I push through the way most any working single mom would ?

Ayman Darrag
5:46 am

Your doctor means you need to be less effort doing ..some care for yourself ..do not make effort and avoid fast sudden movements .. You should take of your collar when sleeping but not while watching TV or sitting .. To not talk to some one beside you by rotating your neck…turn your body is ideal be facing them.. Same with tv.. Sleep on pillow that supports your shoulder and neck at same level.. Brisk walking is not harmful for a tolerated period 15-20 minutes and wearing a shock absorbing shoes. Unlike other normal moms you should be careful and… Read more »

5:56 am

hi what you are doing is absolutely ok. its not necessary to wear the collar at night unless you have a habit of sleeping in a awkward position. its ok if u feel tired.This usually happens in post operative period and taking calcium and vitamin supplements will help u get out of this tiredness. brisk walking is not recommended at this stage. only ambulating for activities of daily living within the house is recommended. rest for atleast 6-8 hours in the day will be fine for now. i do not recommend you to push through for atleast 2 more weeks.… Read more »

Ahmed Fawzy
9:03 am

You can do 12 hours brisk walking if you want(avoid any jumping) , however sleeping should be at least 6 hours at night and 2 hours mid day or in the afternoon to allow your discs to regain its fluids to continue the day

Masr Fawzy
3:43 pm

1 – he means to avoid sudden fast movements,,
2- take the rightful rest … Is v imp.
3 – take off the collar only if you r gonna sleep