I live with a person with Polyarteritis nodosa PAN, need advice?

I want to know about PAN, and how to take care of someone has this disease, what to eat , and if it’s important to do sports maybe , i want to know if he can be fine again , he has PAN since 4grade or something and now he’s 22yearsold .. He always feel a lot of pain, and he loses a lot of weight he’s 46kg and 160cm ..i want to know how to take care of him beside his medicine please … And i want to know if we had a baby ,the PAN will be in our baby or not?! And i want to know if i will have the PAN if we had sex

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Ahmed Fawzy
10:45 pm

There no specific exercise or food recommended for PAN but you can always focus on omega 3 and drinking lots of fluids and doing regular mild exercise.
also there is no evidence that it is sexually transmitted or inherited to children, try to think of the disease as a trail to fight hepatitis B in an exaggerated manner
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
6:45 am

PAN is not seen to inherit but the risk associated with it is of Hepatitis B and HPV infections..
So before proceeding further you should consult his treating Physician so that he can re-evaluate hos case history and if investigations are needed they can be done so that appropriate treatment can be instilled and you can be advised proper precautions and advise regarding family planning..

Hope this helps..

Ayman Darrag
2:50 pm

It is not proved to be genetic predisposition in PAN .
Nothing can be done other than taking medications regularly and as prescribed , psychological counseling and care and follow up…nothing specific It is always helpful to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.