I may have caught an STD, took Viread?

I am a 43 year old male and I feel so stupid. I got drunk in Las Vegas with some friends at a bachelor party, and ended up having sex with a “massage parlor” worker later in the night, a girl from Thailand. She gave me oral sex and then we had vaginal sex. I didn’t touch her vagina with my fingers. Earlier in the evening, i had trimmed myself in my pubic area and had a slight abrasion, no bleeding. I used a condom with her, and she even checked to see if it was intact, it was. She then wiped me down toward the tip of my penis with a Kleenex. I then went to the bathroom and urinated. About 6 hours later, my penis slightly felt discomfort after I peed again.
Now i am scared that i caught something, this all happened 4 days ago. The next day after the sex, I took a pill of Viread (tenofovir) and took it for four days. Viread is for chronic hepatitis and also used sometimes for HIV. I read that some people used it for post or pre exposure prophylaxis to HIV (as a part of Truvada). I was given some Viread pills from a close friend who actually had extras because he does have chronic hepatitis. What are my chances of having caught a disease or HIV? Do I need to worry about this because I am very worried. What should i do doctor? Do I need to be on meds or do I need to get tested? Thank you!
Medications: Took Viread for four days


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Ahmed Fawzy
8:29 pm

The chances of getting infection can be from the oral if you did not wear condom during the oral , otherwise you are probably okay
Still get tested to be sure and safe
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
6:28 am

My opinion is you should go for being tested to stop worrying about it.
Chances of infection exists of course .

Dr.Honey Arora
9:36 am

If you used condom and it was intact then the chances of getting Infection via genital route is negligible..
Secondly oral route can be a cause but salivary transmission is less frequent but still persists..
You should first confirm with the lady that she is assured about her Infection free status or not.
If there is a doubt you can get tested to ease yourself..

Hope this helps..