I suffer from severe belly aches for years now…what could it be?

Hi, for years now I have been suffering from severe belly aches. They are not constant, but do occur almost every day. The pain can last from anywhere between 10 minutes upto the whole day. When the pain starts it starts quite dull, I can bare it, usually within the hour I am in severe pain and it spreads to my ribs, my back, everything hurts. The pain isn’t just in one spot, it makes my WHOLE stomach ache, as if there is just a sheet of pain covering my stomach. Do you have any idea what it could be?

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11:17 am

it can be due to gaseous distention pain or irritable bowel syndrome. in such cases the pain is regular and constant,sometimes spasmodic.
its better if you get usg abdomen done to see whats wrong.
consult a gastroenterologist.