I was admitted to ICU in a hospital Diagnosis: VBI, BPPV, need second opinion?

I was admitted to ICU in a hospital with below conditions at night 4 AM: BP: 90/60 mmHg, Temp: Afebrile, PR: 80/min,CVS,R,PA: NAD
Giddiness, started generalized itching, nausea.No history of headache, visual disturbance, weakness of limbs, bowel and bladder disturbances.No history of DM/HTN/epilepsy/drug allergy/thyroid illness
There was blood and urine analysis, brain CT, abdominal ultrasound done – no problem found

Diagnosis: VBI, BPPV
Please let me know if i was diagnosed right.

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Masr Fawzy
9:59 pm

Vertigo is the key for VBI, have u experienced it ??

I believe also that it could be familial hypotension , is there any of ur family members had similar condition,

Try to take effortil 10- 15 drops at morning that will adjust ur bl pr …

Ahmed Fawzy
10:29 pm

What is your age , sex?
Do you have any cervical pain? Or cervical problem?
If not then you could have been diagnosed wrong, cervical MRI can help also an angiography can confirm
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
6:47 am

Thanks for the query..

If brain CT is not suggestive of anything serious then you can go for Magnetic Resonance Angiography, blood clotting tests, Echocardiogram etc..
As the symptoms can be due to hypotension also therefore a continuous blood pressure monitoring is also a must..

Hope this information helps..

12:02 pm

this may be a provisional diagnosis and not the final diagnosis as the findings are not 100 % suggestive of VBI,BPPV.
Further investigations are necessary.

Ayman Darrag
1:57 pm

The diagnosis is suitable for the symptoms and veretbtobasilar insufficiency and benign paroxismal positional vertigo are coherent …
So I recommend a neck duplex scan,xray.
Neurology doctor can help treat the bppv in a couple of sessions..