I was choked, now have difficulty swallowing, soar throat and feel pressure?

Hello. I was choked about 3 days ago. It was done 3-4 times for about 4-7 seconds each. I now have difficulty swallowing, soar throat and feels like a pressure around the front of my neck consistently. Until this morning

(Day 4/5) I feel a bit funny- my vision seems fine, i seem to be thinking fine but i feel things are very slightly weird/uncomfortable/fuzzy for example when I am looking at the computer screen. The left side of my throat is where it is the most painfil and my left ear seems a bit off. I felt a sharp pain in my right ear about twice today. These sound serious but there are no visible marks.

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Ahmed Fawzy
11:10 pm

This is tonsillitis , I recommend that you see otolaryngyologist , you may need surgical Removal , take it seriously
Good Luck

2:33 am

this seems to be a upper respiratory infection with vision problems.
start on oral antibiotics like azithromycin.
hot saline water gargles will help.
consult a opthalmologist for vision problems.
get opthalmoscopy done.

Ayman Darrag
4:04 am

It is normal to get soreness after recovery from chocking, but you need to find the cause abd make sure it is not neurological cause.. That could be a throat infection with or without ear infection,I recommend seeing an ENT specialist.

Masr Fawzy
9:40 am

It’s normal due to inflammation of your throat after being shoked due to irritation by the foreign body, take anti inflammatory medications… And everything is gonna be fine