I woke up with swollen parotid glands?

Hello, I’m 24, male and otherwise fit and healthy. This morning I woke up with swollen parotid glands, but do not have any pain or a fever. What does this indicate? I know mumps causes swelling of the parotid glands but is usual accompanied with other symptoms.

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2:54 am

this can be a simple inflammation of the parotids.
take anti inflammatory tablets and ice packs.
if this doesnt give relief,get a ultrasound and complete blood count to confirm the diagnosis.

Ayman Darrag
5:25 am

You might be suffering parotid gland stones or infection and yes mumps has other symptoms that starts 48 hours before the swelling of glands…
Try hot compresses and sour candies to increase the flow of saliva .
If they Dont work or symptoms like fever,dry mouth or eyes started to show then you will need to visit your doctor for surgical treatment or antibiotic treatment.

Feel better soon

Ahmed Fawzy
5:32 am

In my opinion this simple parotid gland duct block, apply warm compression and drink alot of fluids , if this does not help then you will need to see a doctor for possible Crystal formation
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
11:47 am

Thanks for the query..

Well, swelling of salivary glands commonly occurs due to infection leading to Parotitis and needs not to be necessarily be due to Mumps.

Other common cause can be obstruction in the ducts of the salivary gland leading to pooling of saliva into the glands causing swelling..

So for confirmation of the cause, you should consult an Oral Physician or an ENT Physician and get evaluated and a thorough clinical examination and x ray can help in diagnosis and then only appropriate treatment can be advised..

Hope your query is resolved..