Question: I’m 15 I have my body twitches started feeling waves in my head

Hi, so for about my whole life I have my body twitches. It started off with my veins twitching at random and it is painless then without any warning sometimes my lips would feel a beat which would last for two seconds or my legs jerks without warning or jaw. Also my head would also twitch and there is an increase of pressure in my head and it feels my head is full. Also I started feeling waves in my head and it would move it would move to the side I moved and sometimes i can fell it moving and its spread to my neck and I am only 15

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6:18 am

these twitches and the aches are usually caused by calcium and vitamin deficiency. moreover ,hormonal changes ate your age increase the problems.
you should eat healthy diet with high calcium intake and exercise regularly to strenghthen the muscle tone.

calcium and vitamin supplements with protein powders will help.

vitamin D can be taken to accelerate the recovery.