Question: I had an evacuation after baby stopped growing

Dear Doc, I had an evacuation after baby stopped growing. pls i wanted an explanation to the result of the histology done.

Nature of specimen : product of evacuation for missed abortion.

Clinical summary / Diagnosis: Missed abortion of prime cyesis

MACROSCOPY: specimen consists of an irregularly shaped, haemorrhagic soft tissue altogether measuring 3x2x2cm. Processed whole.

MICROSCOPY: Histologic sections of tissue show endometrial stroma containing scanty endometrial glands. Elsewhere are fibrocollagenous connective tissue and evidence of recent haemorrhage. No decidua is seen. No chronic villi are seen.

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6:04 am

these findings suggest that the baby has been evacuated completely and no residual is remaining.
at this stage, whatever findings are expected of a growth stopped baby are seen. no other abnormal changes have been found,.
so the report is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about.