I’m 3 weeks pregnant and my hcg level only went up 139mIU, please advice?

I’m 3 weeks pregnant and my hch (hcg) level only went up 139mIU I need 69 hours. I was in the emergency room with crams after intercourse and I was spotting prior to the visit. They said I was pregnant and a few days later my hcg levels went from 200 to 514. 68 hours after the last blood work was done, they are at 615.

Age: 37
Medications: Colonzepam

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Dr.Honey Arora
9:07 pm

HCG levels are increasing and it’s like doubling .
Have you also got a sonography done?
Your HCG levels are appearing good..
Continue getting checked periodically..

All the best..


Arti Sharma
1:39 am

Hello.Your beta hcg levels have increased.You need to get a clinical.examination done.An ultrasound scan will help determine the gestatoonal age.Best wishes!