Is it Mesothelioma Cancer? I have shortness of breath and chest pain?

I am afraid I may have Mesothelioma Cancer, I suffer from shortness of breath and have chest pain. I worked in a factory which used lots of different types of materials. I think asbestos may have been one of them. I don’t know what mesothelioma treatment options are available nor what my resources are. I already received a letter from a specialized mesothelioma law firm saying that I may be affected and want to meet with me. What should I do next?

Age: 54
Medications: No

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10:45 am

Malignant mesothelioma symptoms include shortness of breath and chest pain, but so do other conditions. Shortness of breath is in fact a symptom of pleural mesothelioma. But before you make any conclusions, you should know if you have really been exposed to asbestos? In particular to asbestos dust particles? You need to consult your primary care physician to get checked for inflammation and have an X-ray done. A pulmonary function test can also be done to evaluate how well your lungs function. A CT scan or PET scan will display if mesothelioma cancer is present and if it has spread.… Read more »