Suffering from shortness of breath associated with high blood pressure?

I am a 60-year-old woman suffering from a condition that can be described as shortness of breath associated with high blood pressure (it goes as high as 180+/120 systolic/diastolic). This problem has started about three months ago and it continues with no improvement. The shortness of breath starts when I am standing or walking and I get tired quickly. To my knowledge, I have never suffered from shortness of breath or blood pressure before.

It is striking to me that all examinations about heart and lungs as well as test such as ECG, echocardiogram, blood test (complete, thromboses, fats, diabetes), spirometry, X-ray lungs, ultrasound (abdominal, thyroid), EGD of stomach, etc, all give normal results. Doctors do not find an apparent cause and relate my condition to emotional/stress. They prescribed some medication such as (Faverin 100mg and Sedoxil) which did not have any results except for making me feel sleepy all day long. In the last three days I started medication against high blood pressure.

Additional observations: I have observed that blood pressure is high when I get shortness of breath, I get tired quickly unless I walk very slowly. I also feel better in fresh places and I cannot stand in a hot or sunny place.

I wonder if you could help me with a second opinion and some advice to follow. Thank you!

Medications: Co-Diovan 160/12.5 mg

Is it Mesothelioma Cancer? I have shortness of breath and chest pain?

I am afraid I may have Mesothelioma Cancer, I suffer from shortness of breath and have chest pain. I worked in a factory which used lots of different types of materials. I think asbestos may have been one of them. I don’t know what mesothelioma treatment options are available nor what my resources are. I already received a letter from a specialized mesothelioma law firm saying that I may be affected and want to meet with me. What should I do next?

Age: 54
Medications: No

I suddenly feel extreme shortness of breath, dizziness, vertigo,sharp heaviness in skull, neck, anxiety and panic?

Hi Dr…I don’t have asthma..but whenever I drink a very cold/chilled beverage or even sit in air conditioner, I suddenly feel extreme shortness of breath, dizziness, vertigo,sharp heaviness in skull, neck, anxiety and panic. Now, this continues for many hours and feels like i will surely pass out or even die. I have seen doctors for heart valves issues but he said its fine. I have tried inhalers and beta-blockers, EFT tapping, drink hot liquids etc but there is no benefit. I once had attack in plane and it was horrible. My lungs test was absolutely fine. I am very puzzled. Im around 30 yr old man with no major illness. If possible, could you please suggest something. thanks.


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I feel randomly extremely hot and then randomly extremely cold, getting worse?

Hi! My name is (…) I’m a female and 18 I’m 5’5 and 145lbs. As I know of I don’t have any medical problems except migraines that I am on medication for and have been for almost a year. Just these past months randomly I’ve felt nauseous, constipated, dry mouth, dizziness, light headed, headache, tunnel vision, weakness, shortness of breath, randomly extremely hot and then randomly extremely cold. This week it has been like this everyday and seems to get worse each day! Any ideas what it could be?

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