My symptoms started two months ago with dizziness that progressed?

I’m a 37 y.o. female. My symptoms started two months ago with dizziness that progressed to the feeling of heavy limbs while shifting in bed in addition to higher than normal BP (145/89) and increased heart rate (>120) that, at times, roller coasters up and down multiple times a day (my normal HR is in the 80’s). The dizziness in my head has faded but I’m experiencing a rolling feeling in my chest that also makes me feel unbalanced, even in sleep. I don’t experience pain in my chest, just little aches. I’ve also not had headaches but feel pressure (sometimes quite strong) in my head. I’ve noticed that my BP and HR can be drastically different when I’m seated versus when I stand up. I feel fatigued throughout the day and in at least two separate occasions have been woken up by extremely fast HR. I’ve always been healthy and don’t understand this sudden onset of symptoms.


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I feel randomly extremely hot and then randomly extremely cold, getting worse?

Hi! My name is (…) I’m a female and 18 I’m 5’5 and 145lbs. As I know of I don’t have any medical problems except migraines that I am on medication for and have been for almost a year. Just these past months randomly I’ve felt nauseous, constipated, dry mouth, dizziness, light headed, headache, tunnel vision, weakness, shortness of breath, randomly extremely hot and then randomly extremely cold. This week it has been like this everyday and seems to get worse each day! Any ideas what it could be?

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