I’m off from work, can’t use my hand, pain in arm, can I return to work?

On the 11th of september i went out for a few alcoholic drinks with my partner for our anniversary, I woke up with numb tingling hands as if i had left a hairband on both wrists over night.. I went to work that night ( involves stacking shelves of all products light and heavy..and till work) the next day my hands were still the same but worse and my arms, feet and legs started to tingle. I went to see a on which she arranged for me to have my bloods done. the following monday having been sick off work because of it, the bloods came back fine but the doctor decided to sign me off for a week to relax and see if the pain goes away. so this is the second week and i had really bad back pain tuesday on shoulder blades. the tinling always constant not so much in my feet and legs as that has started to go away. yesterday, friday i felt alot better and decided to test myself, i did my usual housework and have woke up with it back in my right arm and right hand its so tingly im finding it difficult to use cutlery or even write. my left hand is weak also but not as bad as my right. i am getting very distinctive tingling in between my shoulder blades. im struggling to know what to do as i wanted to go back to work monday but i physically and emotionally wont be able to do it

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Ayman Darrag
11:47 am

Hi It is Likely you are having a problem that May need further investigations to rule it out.. If your work involves carrying objects…i guess your neck may have been injured specially your cervical vertebral discs,,that is a probability as the numbness in your right arm and hand…as well as the upper back tingling also and pain… you must have good rest,and use hot application over your neck..then go for a MRI of your neck to see how are the discs going… if they showed nothing… then you might take some vitamin b12 supplement and use different better mechanics during… Read more »

6:29 am

it seems that the nerves in your neck and back may be inflammed or compressed in the spine . thtis usually occurs in slipped discs or neuropathies. this cannot be confirmed on blood investigations but a mri of the concerned spine needs to be done to assess the extent of nerve compression.
take anti inflammatory tablets,hot fomentation,local analgesic gels/sprays will help.
avoid using pillows or lifting anything heavy.