I am a cheerleader, my leg cracked?

I am an 18 years old female. Today in cheerleading practice after streching my legs (i was practising for about 45-60mins before that) i tried to do the splits and went down without putting any pressure or feeling any pain. Then my front leg cracked and i feel intense pain after that. I applied ice with no much result. Could you understand by that how severe the strain is? And how much time will it need to recover?

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Ayman Darrag
3:06 pm

Normally after doing that long time practicing and stretching it is not easy getting a severe stain,it is likely a Mild strain in your quadriceps as i understood but it takes 3 days Ice,rest and do Deep friction massage then it will take a week maximum to be better…

6:17 am

if your leg cracked and had intense pain following it,then this may be a muscle or ligament strain.
local analgesic spray,rest,compression bandage and anti inflammatory tablets will help.
such soft tissue strains will stop paining in 4-6 days time,but for them to fully recover from the internal injury,it may take 15-20 days.
consult a doctor and get xray/mri done if symptoms do not improve