Is my Anti HIV Test Conclusive or need retest?

My Anti Hiv Test Conclusive or need retest until..?

Dear Dr. I had an sexual intervourse with an escort 7 months ago. It last 2 minutes..I have several Anti Hiv 1/2 + P24 Antigen test. 35,67,88 ( Anti Hiv 1/2 ), 112,120,150,180 ( Anti Hiv 1/2 ) and finally after 214 day I have final AntiHiv1/2+P24 Antigen test. All my result wasnegative.Arethesetest, I have, possible to detected the Hıv İf I was infected.. I’m afraid that my result turn to positive. Pls Could you tell me all these test are enough and conclusive to say I’m totally free from Hiv or need re-test until for example one or two year..?

Can I say I’m totally free from hiv after my last test 214 day (over 7 months )..Could you give me a hundred percent guarantee that my test results will not change..As long as I am not exposed to any exposure..I am psychologically treated because of fear of returning test result positive..Pls help me…I can not assign fear of returning positive test from my head..Finally can I sex with my wife without using condom


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Ayman Darrag
6:54 pm

You can stay assured you are fine free of hiv .. Your results are enough ..
Avoid multiple partners in the future …

Ahmed Fawzy
8:46 pm

You are 100 % HIV free
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
6:12 am

Thanks for the query..

Your time slots of the tests and the final result even after 241 days is indicative of HIV- FREE status..
So just relax..
And to avoid such anxiety and fear in future just avoid multiple partners..

Hope this helps