I have some hip pain 9 weeks. Had MRA image recently, would welcome second opinion?

Some hip pain 9 weeks. Had MRA image recently, would welcome second opinion.

Hello, I kindly request a 2nd opinion for my hip pain. Attached is MRA image recently done of Labrum. I would like opinions if they feel it is torn, freyed or not affected. My doctor is unsure and i dont want to have unnecessary surgery. I am 48yr old male.

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Ahmed Fawzy
3:37 pm

I see no Labrum tear, however I see Acetabular Rim Ossifications which can cause pain on anterior aspect and lateral aspect of hip in which pain increase with hip flexion (sitting)
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
8:05 pm

I recommend you to consult another orthopaedic surgeon …
The photo is not that clear to judge

Ayman Darrag
8:19 pm

No visible tear in labrum but obviously calcification in the acetabular rim, I was treating a case like yours recently that has been alleviated by physiotherapy,traction techniques,mobilization and losing extra pounds..

Dr.Honey Arora
9:14 am

It does not look like tear of labrum, so I do not think presently surgery is mandatory..
Consult another orthopedic physician and get evaluated..
Physiotherapy can play an important role in alleviation of the problem..

Hope this helps..


Domina Zluf
6:03 pm

In my opinion there is no Labrum tear