Is this contact dermatitis, I need second opinion?

Female, 20, only take birth control, excellent medical history.

Rash started two weeks ago with small spot on stomach, spread to all of my stomach, and now it’s all over my stomach, breast, chest, back, and spreading to my arms and thighs. It is extremely itchy. Doctor said it was contact dermatitis and gave me steroids that were supposed to clear it up but it has made no change.

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6:06 am

its allergic contact dermatitis with fungal infection.
apply anti-fungal based steroid creams.
taking anti fungal tablets will help.
do not scratch the lesions.
anti histaminic tablets will help control the itch.

Ayman Darrag
6:12 am

In my opinion this is true contact dermatitis .. Hydrocortisone creams can help ,oat bath and cold compress as well as cold compress can be great also if you avoided the contact or allergic substance /material which can be even in your clothes or bed..
Avoid scratching and take an antihistaminic.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:50 am

This looks like either drug allergy or rheumatic fever , i recommend that you take hydroxyzine 5mg ever 12 hours , it will stop the iching
Also try stoping you contraceptive for a week , ( yes allergys can develop even if you did not have them)
In my opinion contact dermatitis can not spread that much , some fungal infection can cause your rash +itchy but from the picture it is unlikely

Good Luck

prashant gaikwad
12:03 pm

yeah,it is contact dermatitis.
allergy to something may have triggered this out.
take anti allergic tablets and wear soft cotton clothes