I have sinus infection , went to ER now feel no energy, tired and weak?

Im a 41-year-old female. Ive been sick since December 4. I went to my physician December 6 due to a sinus infection which he prescribed me a zpak. Took enough pak kept feeling worse and very weak. When to the ER and P.A. there said I had an upper respiratory infection was told to get rest afrin and an otc decongestant which I did. Kept blowing lots and lots of green mucus from nasal passage and coughing the same green mucus from my mouth non stop tasting nothing but infection when I swallow. Still feeling horrible and extreme fatigue and weakness. I retun by to the ER 4days ago this time I was told after chest x-ray and lab work that I have a bad sinus infection and bronchitis. The doctor gave me a bag of iv fluids and a bag of levaquin and a prescription of levaquin 750mg 1 a day for 10 days. I have been taking them for 4days the green mucus is still coming up not as much but I still have no energy at all so weak and extremely tired. I still feel no what like me before all of this what is the cause of the unbearable weakness?

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Ayman Darrag
5:59 am

You are in the right way 4days ago when you started treating your respiratory tract infection and the green mucous should stop soon with the antibiotic..
Chronic sinusitis needs a lot of care to be better as nasal sea water lavage ,drinking plenty of water,taking enough vitamin c in diet..eating well vitamins and minerals and it is normal to feel tired and no energy as your body is fighting a bacterial infection..
Try to rest and avoid cold air also..
Drink warm fluids (ginger)

6:04 am

the weakness is due to the infection as well as the medicines that you have been taking.
Get a CT PNS and a sputum culture to come to a diagnosis.
you can start on appropriate antibiotic depending upon the reports.
rule out blocked mucus plugs in sinuses by doing a endoscopic examination of the sinuses.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:19 am

In my opinion you have a fungal infection supporting your bacterial infection (you have both) i recommend that you ask your doctor for antifungal as well , also consider the surgical treatment
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
12:01 am

Give yourself some time, your treatment is going well, however, you should have been given antibiotic useful for upper resp. Tract infection…

Recommend you to take also mucolytic and expectorant like mucocin. , also drinking hot drinks like tea with lemon, mint,ginger with lemonn, will be great,

Try also to be well nourished, eat healthy food as to make up better immunity, as you are taking strong antibiotic..