I’ve been having constant headache for about 10 days now?

I’ve been having constant headache for about 10 days now. It’s a steady pressure across my forehead and side area. Sometimes it radiates from my eyes/eyebrows. It’s not throbbing pain. Sometimes I would have low-grade fever but it would go away after drinking paracetamol — but not the headache totally. Sometimes I would feel nauseous maybe cause of too much movement.

I also noticed that when I bend over, I would feel more pressure on the head. Sometimes there’s this feeling of ‘drowning’ up my nose.

Once in a while I would feel pain or pressure at the back of my ears and I’m not sure if that’s connected.

I feel fine when asleep. But when I wake up, after some time I’d feel the headache again that would last on-off all day long until I sleep again.

I had my urine and CBC checked last week, all normal. Also had my ultrasound of KUB cause we thought I had UTI but also came out normal.

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Ayman Darrag
6:33 pm

For me it seems you are describing symptoms of sinusitis of the upper pair of sinuses ..
A ct scan can show its congestion clearly ..
Feeling of pressure in ears is normal with sinusitis as pressure difference
See an ENT doctor as his examination can identify the problem.

Ahmed Fawzy
8:52 pm

In my opinion you have chronic sinusitis
You need to see an otolaryngologist

Good Luck

5:31 am

these are symptoms of chronic recurring sinus infection.
this may be allergic or non-allergic,secondary to underlying disease.
A CT PNS should be done to rule out polyps.
Sinoscopy will help direct visualisation of sinuses.
Consult a ENT specialist.


prashant gaikwad
11:57 am

chronic sinus track infection.
may need endoscopic debridement for permanent relief.

Masr Fawzy
7:07 am

Migraine or sinusitis…