multiple nodules, now larger and hypoectoic?

Hello my name is (…), I’m 53 year old female and I have a history of high blood pressure, acid reflux and enlarge thyroid with multiple nodules. On my last ultrasound in 2014 it showed I had multiple nodules did a biopsy and they came back negative for cancer. 12/21/2016 I had another ultrasound done and it came back with multiple nodules, but this time their larger and hypoectoic, been having a lot of pain in my throat along with some choking when I eat, or drink something and my voice has change to were it’s deeper. Can you tell me just want is going on with me. I want to just have it removed and be done with the unlikely chances that it’s cancer.

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6:15 am

if the nodules have increased ,then i recommend an excisional biopsy.
get the nodules removed and send for histopathology.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:20 am

In my opinion you should remove the nodules regardless of being cancerous or not , however hypoectoic that increase in size is probably cancerous

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
1:07 pm

I see from the history that you should remove them since they are changing in size and affecting your swallowing and breathing or vocal cords even if they are non cancerous..

prashant gaikwad
11:56 am

may be cancerous.
getting them removed will be safe i guess

Masr Fawzy
6:58 am

Can be malignant or benign

Do FNA again,
Excisional biopsy