I’ve been ill for the past seven weeks, need a second doctor opinion?

Okay, so I ve been ill for the past seven weeks. It started off as a cold and cough, after five weeks I went to my doctor, and was prescribed amoxicillin for five days for a chest infection. It seemed to clear it up for a couple of days, however, it flared up again even worse and I m in agony. I ve barely slept, I m constantly coughing, sometimes yellowy mucus comes up (sorry if that s tmi hahah) and I m just exhausted in general. I have a lump on the right side of my throat but I think it’s just a swollen gland?

I went back to my doctor today as it does n t seem to be improving, I ve tried everything for it, all types of cough syrups, tablets. You name it and I ve probably tried it. Nothing seems to shift it. The only advice I got from my doctor today was “come back if it gets worse”

I m at my wits end with this, it s reached the point where I m fed up of being ill, I just want it gone but I just feel like it isn t being taken seriously. What should I do?

I’m an eighteen year old female, I have asthma. I’m on montelukast tablets, salabutamol inhaler, ventolin inhaler, I have hay fever. I’m also taking the cilest contraceptive pill, I have never had an asthma attack.

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3:00 am

the underlying chest infection does not seem to have resolved.
u need to get a chest Xray and spirometry done.
If amoxycillin and cough syrups haven’t helped,then broad spectrum antibiotics in iv form should be given for atleast 7 days.
Saline water / betadine gargles will help.

Ayman Darrag
4:50 am

Well,this is a viral chest infection and there would also be bacterial Involvment.
What you really need is to know the causing bacteria type by doing a culture sputum so you can get the proper antibiotic.
Depend also on natural immunity boosters to fight viral infection,get vitamin C 1g daily bee honey and garlic.
Feel better soon

Ahmed Fawzy
5:25 am

I recommend doing a sputum culture to check antibiotic resistance then deciding which antibiotic to use , also you should have a chest x ray done
Usually more than one antibiotics are given in resistant strains of bacteria
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
8:04 am

Regarding your question,

I can tell that its just a viral infection with lymph node enlargement, u need to just drink hot drinks tea with mint orlemon …. Eat well, to strengthen your immunity…
Let me ask you , u don’t have fever right?