I’ve had unbearable earache for 8 weeks now! need second opinion?

I’ve had unbearable earache for 8 weeks now! It started off in the week before Christmas, with a lump just under my jaw line and the lump lasted for 2 weeks. When the lump subsided the pain in both my ears got worse! It’s been waking me up in the night, and been very painful throughout the day too! The pain isn’t just inside my ears but all around the outside of the whole ear too! It’s getting really annoying and painful and all my local doctor can say is ‘take some paracetamol’ obviously having earache for 8 weeks isn’t normal! So help please!
Female 20

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Ahmed Fawzy
11:30 pm

In my opinion lump was lymph node inflammation due to adenoid fungal infection which is now blocking your eustachian tube , I recommend checking adenoid for infection along with eustachian tube , do you have coloured vaginal discharges or unexplained skin redness?

3:01 am

this seems to be a lymph node enlargement (Pre and peri auricular).
this may be secondary to a surrounding underlying infection.
only paracetamol won’t help.
broad spectrum antibiotics will help.
inner ear infection needs to be ruled out.

Ayman Darrag
7:12 am

Most probably it is an ear canal infection ,you need to get antibiotic course ..
Also to get examined by ENT..
Do you have spinning or dizziness?
Discharges ? Or itching?