I have pain in my back and chest, the pain is unbearable and I can’t sleep?

My age is 64 ,male .My pain is for 8 months now ,i did all mri’s scanner but nothing went obvious.The doctors said it is nerve and i am taking lyrica 75mg 2tablets morning and two at night.My pain is in my back and turn to my heart that i feel my boobs burning.
the pain is unbearable and no sleep ,i have been taking lyrica for two months now

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Ahmed Fawzy
11:12 pm

In my opinion you have gastroesophageal reflux disease, try Maalox,ranitidine and Prilosec
Effect should be quick if my opinion Is correct
Good Luck

2:58 am

this is due to severe GERD. reflux of acid in the distal oesophagus causes such severe pain.
get a GI endoscopy done to confirm.
prebiotics with antacids will help.
avoid spicy and junk foods.

Ayman Darrag
7:06 am

You could be suffering of either thoracic vertebrae spondylosis and pinched nerve..and this can show in xray..
Or stomach /gastric ulcer or GERD..
Does eating aggrevates your symptoms?
Try not sleeping after eating and let 3hours minimum between last meal and sleeping time.
Try hot packs on your back and ointments that heat up the muscles

Masr Fawzy
9:44 am

Is there any skin lesion?? Any enlargment in your breasts??