My blood test show microcytic erythrocytes with anisopoikilocytosis; elliptocytes, now need a DNA test?

My haemoglobin ia 11.5 which is a little below the range and my Rbc count is just a little below boderline (4.43). My MCV is 75.8 which is low too and my MCH is 26 is which is just a little bit low. MCHC is 34.2 which is good. RDW is 16.1. I dont know if that is good or bad. My Hbf os 0.4 and Hb A2 is 2.7. My blood picture shows microcytic erythrocytes with anisopoikilocytosis; elliptocytes. I want to know why blood test did not work for my thalassaemia screening? And why do i need to do DNA screening. Age:21 Female


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Dr.Honey Arora
8:32 am

Your values are pointing towards Thalassaemia..
So you need to talk to your doctor regarding the DNA screening ..
However if any other symptoms or investigations are done that are convincing for DNA Screening then please let me know so that I can guide you accordingly..
Can you also explain what clinical symptoms are you experiencing and have you already been diagnosed for Thalassaemia?

Hope this helps..

Dr.Honey Arora
12:25 pm

Hi.. Individuals with beta thalassemia trait usually have evidence of microcytosis and increased levels of hemoglobin A2. Hemoglobin F is sometimes elevated as well. Individuals with alpha thalassemia trait usually have evidence of microcytosis and normal levels of hemoglobin A2 and F. Sometimes trait status cannot be determined by these screening tests alone. Results may be ambiguous for a variety of reasons. If iron deficiency is detected, an individual must be retested after completing iron supplement therapy. Occasionally, DNA testing that directly examines the alpha and/or beta globin genes is necessary. DNA testing is the only way to determine silent… Read more »