My blood test show microcytic erythrocytes with anisopoikilocytosis; elliptocytes, now need a DNA test?

My haemoglobin ia 11.5 which is a little below the range and my Rbc count is just a little below boderline (4.43). My MCV is 75.8 which is low too and my MCH is 26 is which is just a little bit low. MCHC is 34.2 which is good. RDW is 16.1. I dont know if that is good or bad. My Hbf os 0.4 and Hb A2 is 2.7. My blood picture shows microcytic erythrocytes with anisopoikilocytosis; elliptocytes. I want to know why blood test did not work for my thalassaemia screening? And why do i need to do DNA screening. Age:21 Female


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