My brother has a blockage in his Esophagus which now makes him unable to swallow any thing?

I’m (…). My younger brother that is 1 year and 7 months has a medical problem. He swallowed a battery and it has affected his Esophagus. He now has a blockage in his Esophagus which now makes him unable to swallow any thing. An operation was done for him in the hospital in which they opened his esophagus and put a pipe in it that can enable food to pass in through when he eats but right now, the pipe did not work and instead, it got worse. I really need your help and advice, Doctor. What can be done to this for his Esophagus to open and work properly so he can eat. His blockage of Esophagus is making him thin and he is getting worse. My brother’s esophagus needs to open for him to eat properly. I need an advice Please, and I will be very grateful if you receive this message and reply me.

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Ahmed Fawzy
9:11 pm

My opinion the pipe was short or was done wrong, I recommend redoing this surgery as pipe seems to have caused a kink at one of its terminals
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
1:32 am

Definitely this case can not judged online without seeing a barium swallow xray testing to know the amount and cause of current blockage,please do them and get back to me, until then try easily swollen mashed foods and juices so you can help him regain strength and avoid other health complications, he may need a minor surgery to widen the esophagus which is Dilation (stretching) of the esophagus as the main treatment..
This is mostly esophageal atresia or tracheoesophageal fistula may have developed esophageal narrowing (stricture) at the site of insertion of the tube.

2:50 am

pipe insertion is a temporary measure.
He needs excision of the damaged oesophagus and a reconstructive surgery to reconstruct the affected part.
This involves a plastic surgery (oesophagoplasty) and needs to be done by a trained plastic surgeon.

Masr Fawzy
9:09 am

The blockage is which side of the oesophagus?

If it’s in either sides , resection and re anastomosis can be done , but to be honest , fibrosis is v common …
U mean a pipe .. a stent they used ????

Dr.Honey Arora
2:12 pm

Thanks for the query..

Well, if the pipe placement is not working then he should get checked for the cause of obstruction..

In case if it can be treated then it is fine, at times changing the pipe can also be done..

In case if it still doesn’t improve then Oesophagoplasty can be advised .

Hope this helps..