My daughter’s hemoglobin is low but her iron is high, doctor thinks they are fighting each other?

My daughter just went for her 1 year well visit. When they tested her iron and hemoglobin her hemoglobin is low but her iron is high. The doctor put her on iron medicine. What can cause her hemoglobin to be low but her iron is high? Her iron was 4.5. The doctor thinks that the iron and hemoglobin are fighting each other

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Ahmed Fawzy
10:33 am

You have too main possibilities
1-Hereditary hemochromatosis( do a DNA test for mutations in the HFE gene)
2- A urinary tract infection causing nephritis, so do a urine analysis

Good Luck

Ahmed Fawzy
10:39 am

Hi one more thing test the AST levels as well (some disease can cause haemoglobin to break down)

Ayman Darrag
11:25 am

Does your baby take cow’s milk?
I recommend testing s.ferritin and TIBC before proceeding with iron treatment..

6:59 am

hi,this is an abnormality with iron metabolism.
blood levels of iron are high but iron tranfer to targeted tissues doe not occur.
a bone marrow examination will help.

Masr Fawzy
6:16 am

It could be pernicious anemia- vit b12 def-

What is your daughter MCHC and MCV , and TIBC ( TOTAL IRON BINDING PROTEIN)