My lymph nodes under my arm are swollen. Pain level 8. Went to ER no solution, need advice?

40 yrs old. male. No prior surgeries since 2004. on bladder/scar tissue was removed.My problem now is my lymph nodes under my arm are swollen and my muscles tighten up in my upper back and chest from time to time.Im taking Bactrim and Ibuprofen and its not working. Ive been to get blood work done and only thing I’m being told is my white blood cells are a little elevated but not buy much.Its some type of bacterial infection that won’t go away. The pain comes and goes mostly at night.Pain level is about an 8, from 1-10 and I feel horrible. I take a flexir to go to sleep. This has been issue for 3 weeks now. No appetite loss or weight loss.No weakness but I do get dizziness alot. Could you please give me your best diagnosis please. I’ve been to ER 5-6 times and EKGs are normal MRI is good Chest x-ray is good, but im having alot of burning sensation like right under the skin.

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Ayman Darrag
3:16 pm

If I got what you mean right.. That pain is in your neck and upper back and this causes spasm ?! Then in my opinion you could be suffering a bacterial or viral myositis ..
Have you been bitten by an insect or had a wound opened or living in tropical place?

Ahmed Fawzy
3:51 pm

This is probably a viral infection , you need a to take a sample by needle aspiration , antiviral treatment will be prescribed accordingly ( probably more than one viral infection will be found )
I recommend haste as your body is currently fighting to prevent spread

Good Luck

11:26 am

either aspiration of the lymph node or excisional biopsy with histopathology of the aspirated material should be done to come to a diagnosis.