I have severe sinus infection (acute frontal sinusitis), what are my next steps?

Hi all, I have a few questions about a severe sinus infection (acute frontal sinusitis) that I’m struggling with. I’m having debilitating headaches every day, concentrated in the frontal sinus area, but am not presenting with any other sinusitis symptoms. I did do a sinus x-ray and was told by a doctor that it indicates a continuing sinus infection. I’m taking an antibiotic (Augmentin) as well as a nasal spray (flonase) but I want to talk to you about next steps and how urgent you think the situation might be. Thank you!

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Ayman Darrag
2:45 pm

The main goal is eradicate the infection, decrease the severity and duration of symptoms, and prevent complications. These goals are achieved through the provision of adequate drainage and appropriate systemic treatment of the likely bacterial pathogens. use of intravenous antibiotics and mucolytic agents along with topical and systemic decongestants for 3-5 days may be needed..
A d surgixal treatment if the conservative treatment fails..but this rarely occurs.

Ahmed Fawzy
3:47 pm

If you do not improve in 7 days then your next step will be a bacterial cutlure to check antibiotics sensitivity , then 7 more days on the new antibiotic , if this fails then surgical treatment is recommended ( try make it last resort as it cause scaring causing chronic problems)

Good Luck

11:26 am

first step- start on braod spectrum higher antibiotics,anti inflammatory and mucolytic tablets.
steam inhalation will help.
if this does not help,then drainage of the sinus collection endoscopically is recommended.