My mother has been diagnosed with meningitis, should my family and I be tested for meningitis?

I am the caregiver for my mother while she is going through chemotherapy. She has recently been diagnosed with meningitis. Should my family and I be tested for meningitis? We are still waiting for the complete answer on her exact diagnosis, and she is being treated in the hospital with broad spectrum antibiotics


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Ahmed Fawzy
9:53 pm

meningitis is highly contagious so you should keep baby’s and teenagers away from her, as for you if your age is around 30 or 40 then infection chance is much lower, still get checked to be safe, and eat well to keep your immunity in best shape
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
11:35 pm

This depends on the type of meningitis and causes, so a fungal or parasitic is not contagious ,however bacterial and viral is , so if the results showed it is bacterial or viral then every one who was in close contact with her saliva,utensils etc should be examined.

Dr.Honey Arora
10:36 am

Meningitis can be due to different causes that can be either contagious or non contagious..
So first of all the exact diagnosis should be made..
If it is bacterial or viral then the chances of it to spread are high..
You should keep the kids away on a safer side and even the adults should not use personal belongings..

Hope she gets better soon..