My mother has been diagnosed with meningitis, should my family and I be tested for meningitis?


I am the caregiver for my mother while she is going through chemotherapy. She has recently been diagnosed with meningitis. Should my family and I be tested for meningitis? We are still waiting for the complete answer on her exact diagnosis, and she is being treated in the hospital with broad spectrum antibiotics


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I have had stiffness of the neck for 4 years now. I need a real solution?

I am a 24 years old male. I have had stiffness of the neck for 4 years now. Whenever i take a pain reliever drug like “Diclofenac”, the stiffness subside a little but cant still turn my neck fully. I went to a hospital recently, and the doctor looked clueless and couldn’t narrow down what it was, was just telling me to go do many test. I went to an acupuncture center, and everything there just look shady and wrong. First it was their diagnosing machine, a quantum resonance magnetic analyzer. That first made me skeptical about the treatment, although i went with it, what really put me off was when after stretching my neck and trying to put it back by force, the doctor said i might have meningitis. I knew immediately this man was just clueless too.. I dont think i have meningitis, because from what i can read about it, i have no meningitis symptoms except the stiff neck. I dont have pain extended to my hand or back or shoulder or any tingling sensation. no headaches or fever, i am as healthy as any other individual but just the stiff neck. Please i really need help, scared to go to another shady doctor who just want my money and got no clue. I have never had any accident, i just slept and woke up with the stiff neck and 4 years now it has refuse to go.