My son is unable to express himself saw Orthophonist and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT, Otolaryngology) doctor to no avail?

my son is 5 years and unable to express himself;i have seen an orthophonist for three months exercise but no positive result and i have seen an ENT specialist which he says the child has no problem but he can’t speak clearly but make sound.He is very active and plays alot;very intelligent in actions

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:08 pm

You son has a developmental expressive language disorder which can be caused by brain injury from previous fever jaundice, episode ,problems in delivery
I recommend that you see a neurologist and a speech-language pathologist , in my opinion orthophonist is not related to his problem at all , he does need letters pronounced, he needs to be able to express them (give brain order. )

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
6:25 pm

your child has a developmental expressive language disorder (DELD), he might have difficulty remembering vocabulary words or using complex sentences
DELD is usually limited to expression and doesn’t affect your child’s ability to read, listen, or produce sounds unless your child also has other learning disabilities.
Language therapy,counseling ,are the main treatment lines. .
A neurologist also should be consulted .

8:56 am

he seems to be having a congenital damage to his neuronal cells in brain due to asphyxia.
get his CT and EEG done.
consult a speech therapist and a neurophysician.

Masr Fawzy
12:04 pm

What kinda words do your child can say… Or no words at all… /?