I hit my head, I have concussion, non stop headache, vomiting, constantly feel dizzy and this morning passed out?

3 days ago I had a 3kg bag drop onto my head from about 1 metre. Since then I have had a non stop headache, vomiting, constantly feel dizzy and this morning pasted out while vomiting for approximately 10min. I am having trouble with talking to people and can’t look up at them while talking due to light making the headache worse. I have seen my gp all he said was to basically cheer up and I will feel better straight away. I have not been able to keep down any liquid or food since it happened. When it first happened I lost consciousness. I was taken to hospital but all they did was have me stand up and move my head told me I had a concussion and let me go home. My neck has been hurting non stop and moving my head makes me feel more dizzy. I also feel like there is someone pushing on the back of my head non stop too

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Ayman Darrag
2:19 pm

You are supposed to have had a brain MRI and neck xray..
A possibility of sub arachnoid hemorrhage or brain tissue contusion is present..so you need a MRI asap ..

Ahmed Fawzy
4:56 pm

Not sure how can they be so calm with such sever symptoms
I recommend both cervical and brain MRI
, you should be hospitalised
For now complete rest and try a good neurologist

Good Luck

8:54 am

these symptoms should not be neglected.
you need to consult a neurosurgeon.
he may advise MRI,CT brain and depending upon the reports you may need to be admitted into the hospital.

Masr Fawzy
10:42 am

U were supposed to stay at hospital for at least 24 hours under supervision,

Neck x ray and brain MRI is mandatory