My wife has terrible headaches, constantly, we did CT scan, MRI, MRA, MRV but everything is normal. No blood clot, tumors etc.?

My wife is 27 years old. Weight 75kg. Height 5′-3″. Recently she was suffering from serious headache since June 2016. Before that she had not this type of headache. (…)

The pain is right side temple position. Sometime right left both temple sides. Only this position and it’s not spread. Very few time its go back side of the head. It happened basically early in the morning when she woke up. Or sometime she woke up with headache or someone broke her sleep. And gradually it decreased with time. Now at present its not gradually decreased. All the time headache. The pain is like that someone hitting with hammer in the pain side and push and pulling the nerve. With long time sleep or rest nothing happened.

It’s also happened with tension and shouting. When she can’t tolerate she took two pain killers at a time. But even-then its not try to stop.
She is crazy women when she gets angry she through whatever in his hand and shouting. She is introvert type. She hides her sorrow nothing shares with anyone. Her appetite was good but after headache she lost her appetite.
We married September 11, 2015. After marriage due to my ED problem we are unable to do sex. But we were happy she never blames me for this. She always supports me one day we will. Now last four month I able to perform sex. But I missed her due to her headache.
Her some cousins and aunts have migraine. But doctor told this not seems like migraine its some kind of mix headache.

we do CT scan, MRI and MRA-MRV but everything is normal. No blood clot, tumors etc.

Pls let me know your advice I can’t bare her this situation.

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Ahmed Fawzy
3:41 pm

In my opinion morning headache is side effect of over use of pain killers and sign of depression
I recommend the use of antihistaminic like atarax 10 every 12 hours
Also recommend that she see a psychologist
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
4:42 pm

The symptoms looks like a trigeminal neuralgia …
Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, which carries sensation from your face to your brain.
Treatment may consider medical antivonvulsants..antispasmodics ..and surgical interference…
Other possibility is cervical disc or spondylotic lesion but it is not very related to her status..

8:08 am

trigeminal neuralgia seems to be more likely.
depression is also a contributing factor.
give her methycobal tablets along with pregabalin instead of just giving pain killers.
get a psychiatry opinion.

8:45 am


shalini p
2:12 pm

hello there
trigeminal neuralgia is the most probable diagnosis. usually it doesn’t respond to medicines. steroids can help to some extent. ct guided radiofrequency ablation is being used in recent days for such kind of diseases