Pain in head, neck, left arm and lower back, xray shows degeneration, here are my MRI results?

I am a 49 year old female I have been having a lot of pain in my head, neck, left arm and lower back. I had a mri done back in August of this year. I have had pain shots but they only last a day or so but the pain doesnt completely go away, just makes it more bearable. I have appointments to see a neurologist in January and a Neurosurgeon in February. I dont really understand any of what this says, a nurse practitioner is the one who order the mri done because of the headaches and numbness to 2 of the fingers on my left hand. I havent been in a car accident. xrays showed degenerative changes in my neck and back. Here are the results of the mri. If someone could tell me anything about the or the seriousness I would so greatly appreciate it.

Central disc bulging is noted at C2-C3. A small disc protrusion is noted at C3-C4 impinging on the thecal sac. At C4-C5 there is a tiny disc protrusion slightly impinging on the thecal sac. At C5-C6 there is a central disc protrusion impinging on the thecal sac. There is minimal retrolisthesis of the C5.
IMPRESSION- Disc protrusion is seen indenting the thecal sac from C3 to C6. Thecal sac appears to be flattened from C3 to C7. There is no syrinx or tonsillar herniation noted

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Ayman Darrag
4:37 pm

Your MRI report indicates multiple level cervical disc bulges …they are small but as they are multiple they causes lot of pain and they are causing pressure over the nerves supplying your arm and the spinal canal …this is the worst part as it may lead to lower limb manifestations if left untreated. .
I recommend rest and behavioural modification in terms or sitting ..watching TV phone scrolling..sleeping over a fiber pillow..driving less time and healthy sitting posture plus physiotherapy in form of ultrasound ..heating ..tens. .exercises and massage..

Ahmed Fawzy
6:44 pm

In my opinion C2/3 are causing you head /neck pain C5/6 causing numbness in your fingers
I recommend physical therapy to fix your round shoulder , and forward head
You also need to lose some breast weight by lowering or stop carbohydrate intake

Good Luck

5:56 am

multiple level cervical disc bulges are effectively treated with physiotherapy,analgesics,neck exercises,
cervical traction along with laser therapy and SWD can accelerate the recovery process.
use cervical collar.
if these measures fail,surgical de-compression is recommended.

Masr Fawzy
6:46 pm

Simply, your vertebral bones in the neckbregion are pressing on your nerves, which causes you this groupbof symptoms, what i really recommend you،
Physiotherapy and exercise modification immediately , beside antiinflammatory drugs and pain killers at the same time..