Question: Neck inflammation and head tension…affecting my life

I face a big problem it start from three years and no advance in my case i have problem with muscle in the neck and inflammation and tension in all head part i have no disc they said that because of stress so i took antidepressant with different type acupuncture physiotherapy natural medication CBT different muscle relaxant neuron medication
and now all this issue affect my life my thinking i become stress of small issue can think well and my case i see it worsen more and more i do 3 mri for brain and neck and nothing thanks god appear, so what can i do because i see doctors try everything and the pain still there and now the problem i have this pain in a whole day please tell me what to do?

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8:17 am

i suggest you do neck exercises to strenghthen the neck muscles, apply local gel,hot fomentation
apply cervical collar