My husband has a non-small-cell lung cancer nodule in right/remaining lung?

7 years ago my husband had a left side pneumonectomy for non-small-cell lung cancer.
Yesterday the doctor told us that his latest CT scan shows a nodule in the right/remaining lung.
What percent chance is it, that the nodule is NOT cancerous?
If it is – will this be treated as a recurrence or as a new cancer?
How will this be treated? Will chemo therapy be effective?

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7:01 am

if he has a history of tumour in the past, most probably its a recurrence.

staging of the nodule needs to be done. if its the same cancer in early stage, it may be cured with chemotherapy.
if its late stage, it needs to be treated surgically

7:01 am

The scenario doesnt explains the size or position of the nodule,because the thing is ,a lung nodule which is less than 2 cm is usually considered non cancerous and should be monitored further for any increase in size of the nodule after 3 months.In your case,there is a history of lung carcinoma and so the remaining lung should be saved from disease,so,the monitoring should be regular and more frequent or the nodule can be removed as early as possible- according to the discussion between your treating physician and patient preference.also if there are any symptoms. Anyway,you should better take an… Read more »

8:25 am

its not always that such secondary nodules can be labelled as cancerous. You may have another old healed pathology or a simple nodule that may remain dormant at the present size for years to follow. A lot depends upon your immunity though. If the general immunity lowers, the chances of this lesion flaring up increases.

do follow up ct scans at regular intervals. be healthy.. anticipate any early symptoms that you may get.