What do these Spirometry test results mean? …last resort!

I am reaching out as a LAST RESORT…..I cannot get a straight answer regarding the results of my spirometry test. Values were as follows: FEV1 3,07, predicted 3.06;% predicted, 100%; FVC 4.49, predicted 4.07; % predicted, 110%; FEV1/FVC, 68%.

I am a 61 year old male, 66 inches tall, weight 153 lbs……

My question is this…..if FEV1 is 100% of predicted, and FVC is 110% of predicted, should not these values enter in to a diagnosis of COPD??….( which is what my PCP said that I have).

….my understanding is that FEV1 is as important a number as the ratio….and isn’t FEV1 MORMAL?!?….

…..the report said “normal diffusing capacity (DLCO” and “normal lung volumes”.

I’m frightened and baffled at the same time!…..I have no respiratory symptoms, and run 15-20 miles per week (11-min. miles).

ANY insight would be appreciated!

Thank you!


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Jean Claude
7:45 am

There are several factors in determining the results of a spirometry test. An FEV1 and FVC at 100% and 110% do not show signs of COPD but any FEV1/FVC ratio of less than 70% is considered abnormal from a laboratory point of view. A doctor needs to consider the FEV1/FVC ratio in his COPD diagnosis.

7:45 am

Laboratory tests often do not take into consideration age, but they should.You simply cannot have the same criteria that apply to a 20 year old – a 50 year old and a 80 year old

Steve M
Steve M
7:44 am

70% IS NORMAL – 68% ABNORMAL. That’s borderline. Another test in a few months might turn out normal.

7:43 am

even though these results are a bit deranged,they do not necessarily indicate copd. as you have no clinical manifestations of copd.
u are healthy and continue living healthy with the exercises you do

Dr.Honey Arora
3:25 pm

It does not look like
As you are symptom free then there is nothing more to worry..
In case if you get any symptoms in future then get immediate medical assistance..

As of now nothing to worry..

Hope this helps.