I have seen 14 doctors who say they have no solution for my situation?

Here are my symptoms:

Permanent fatigue
Pain in the muscles
Weakness in focus
Weakness in attention
Pain in the chest when Sports
Difficulty breathing (no asthma)
Dryness in the throat
A permanent pain in the neck
Examined the blood results are good and testing vitamin good
I made a chest X-ray and it was clean

I visited more than 14 doctor without any benefit. Please Help.

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Domina Zluf
7:46 am

Get checked for Fibromyalgia

7:43 am

it may be due to hormonal imbalances or calcium and vitamin deficiency
get your detailed blood profile done

Dr.Honey Arora
11:55 am

Looks like hormonal problem.
Can also be neurological or nerve related..
As vitamin levels are good you should once get checked for your hormones and get a complete hormonal profile done..
Start taking multivitamins daily..
Avoid ovetstraining but do moderate physical activity daily..
Take nutritious diet and drink plenty of water..

Hope this helps..