I have severe pain and muscle spasms, is it fibromyalgia?

I have severe pain and muscle spasms with a drop in barometer pressure. Then when pressure returns to close to normal my body is sore and still spasms. I have been told I have fibromyalgia. I do have pain on a every day basis and migraines. I just can’t emphasize enough on how much pain I am in when pressure drops or with wind. Dr’s look at me like “oh really “. I’m seriously getting so distraught. I can barely function. I’m a RN and love my job but I’m coming to the conclusion it’s really effecting my job. All I can do is work ( and that’s every day struggle, sometimes I cry on the way home because I’m so tired and in pain). I take all the meds related to Fibromyalgia and still no relief. Blood work shows no inflammatory problems. Dr ‘s say must be Fibromyalgia. I am just asking if anyone else has any ideas of what could be going on. Thank you. Desperate

I have seen 14 doctors who say they have no solution for my situation?

Here are my symptoms:

Permanent fatigue
Pain in the muscles
Weakness in focus
Weakness in attention
Pain in the chest when Sports
Difficulty breathing (no asthma)
Dryness in the throat
A permanent pain in the neck
Examined the blood results are good and testing vitamin good
I made a chest X-ray and it was clean

I visited more than 14 doctor without any benefit. Please Help.

I have fibromyalgia, being treated by neurologist, now bladder is achy and heavy (pressure) with pain?

I am a 38 year old female. I’ve had urinary sensitivity for many years, but rarely have had UTIs. Usually I take otc AZO and my irritating symptoms go away on their own. I’ve had symptoms over the last couple of weeks. AZO helps some with the pain, but not as well as usual. This doesn’t necessarily feel like the burning typical of UTI. My bladder is achy and heavy (pressure) with pain during urination that comes and goes. It is not going away as expected. Today, upon first urination, I found my urine to look completely strange. It almost looked like oil and water mixed, but that the “oil” on top of the water had a bunch of white stuff floating in it. I have also been peeing a lot lately (but very thirsty/drinking more, so may make sense?). I have low back/side pain (achy, with bouts of more severe shooting/stabbing feel). I also get that shooting/stabbing pain in my abdomen. This has happened in all quadrants, with the upper left and lower pelvis area being the most severe. My usual pain meds aren’t working as well as they usually do. I’m used to pain, but would like to lessen or eliminate as much of it as possible, of course. My aching pain varies in intensity from 4-7 and the shooting pains vary from 8-nearly 10, at times. I had similar symptoms a few months ago. Urine was tested and CT done. I believe all of that was normal at that time. Starting around then, and continuing today, I’ve also been quite nauseous and have watery diarrhea everyday. I have a referral to GI to look into this, but wanted to mention it in case it could be connected. And I have a swallow study this week because my esophagus spasms sometimes and I can’t complete my swallow or breathe in or out until that finishes. I do have fibromyalgia, so I try not to go to the doctor unless a symptom is way more severe or completely out of the norm or new for me. I have been having way more health issues over the last 1 1/2 years, beginning with gallbladder removal (stones) and complete hysterectomy for pain and severe bleeding. I also have PCOS. I’ve been to the doctor quite a bit and am not sure what to do. When I go in and they don’t find anything conclusive, if they test at all, they often assume it’s related to fibromyalgia or nothing at all. I am also currently working with a neurologist for severe short-term memory loss, confusion, missing time, changes in senses, increased muscle weakness and neuropathy testing. I’m sorry for all of the back story, but I thought it may be important. I don’t know what to do right now for my bladder(?) problem, or any of the problems really. Go to the doctor again or wait it out??? What could be causing all this? Thank you!

Surgical Hx: Tonsilectomy (age 5), appendectomy and R ovary torsion (age 12), R ovary removal (1998), R shoulder stabilization (2000), gallbladder removal and complete hysterectomy (2015)

Current RXs: Zofran 4 mg, 1 every 8 hrs, as needed
Seroquel 50 mg, 3/bedtime
Medical cannabis, as needed
Loperamide 2 mg, 1 every 8 hrs, as needed
Estradiol 1 mg 1/bedtime
Zoloft 100 mg, 2/bedtime
Vistaril 25 mg, take 1 3x/day as needed
Tylenol 500 mg, take 2 2-3x/day as needed
Ibuprofen 800 mg, take 1 2-3x/day as needed
Gabapentin 300 mg, take 3 2x/day
Guaifenesin 400 mg, 1 every 4 hrs, as needed
Fish oil

58 year old experiencing pressure and a heaviness in her legs?

My wife is 58. She has no known allergies to medications and does not take any daily. For years she has taken excedrin daily for body aches and sumatriptan for migraines(not daily). Early last week she stopped taking excedrin because of having a colonoscopy this week. She is taking tylenol arthritis until the procedure.
By last Wednesday she stated experiencing pressure and a heaviness in her legs so much so that its causing great discomfort for sleep and daily routine. We have googled online connections to PAD, MS, vein issues, blood clots, etc. and nothing seems to fit the bill. Her Mom was in her early 50s when she had mobility issues and was said to have had a vitamin B12 lacking, causing her leg issues. Fibromyalgia is a thought. Would bone cancer come on that sudden? A few weeks ago she had her annual with our doctor and had blood work done with no hints of this. Just came on with stopping excedrin for 10 days. Thanks (…)