Searing, gnawing, burning pain in low back and sacrum region/

26 year old female. Searing, gnawing, burning pain in low back and sacrum region. After being pregnant for two years and having two babies I started having low back pain months past last delivery. Nothing major though, but it would continue to flare up resulting in new symptoms (such as tingling in lower extremities, sharp pains in hips, frequent small amounts of urination, trouble urinating, pains with bowel movements) and an increase in the constant pain. Two years later from when it started I just cant take it anymore its relentless and nothing helps. I went to the ER and they did a ct scan without contrast. But it came back unremarkable on everything. I picked up my ct scan to review myself because I don’t know what else to do and my doctor and the specialist I seen won’t do any further testing. I just would like an opinion on some images. I also should note that in between pregnancies my menstrual cycles were extremely painful equally to labor contraction pains. (It would only let me choose one photo.)


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Ayman Darrag
5:24 pm

Never mind about the number of uploaded photos as CT can not show your discs as MRI..
In your case I believe you are suffering a lumbar disc multiple level disc bulges or prolapse.
Sorry to say that but your symptoms are referring to this.
Startingly you should do a MRI of back ..
Then you can start professional physiotherapy treatment ..with some medications to treat pain an inflammation ..
Rest and behaviour modification(baby carrying,standing long periods, etc..) Can help prevent the surgical solution.

Ahmed Fawzy
6:26 pm

I need the CT scan from saggital view (from side )
From your this scan you uploaded only outcome is that you have osteoporosis with sever lumber lordosis and scoliosis
With possible disk lesion (not disk prolapse)
Start on high calcium diet and supplement , i recommend osteocare tablets twice a day with 8 hours in between prefered to be taken after fat rich diet

I will weight for your sagital view scan

Good Luck

5:46 am

only one ct image that you have posted is inconclusive.
for spine lesions,MRI is a better option.
Clinically nerve compression,possibly due to a lumbar disc prolapse seems to be more likely.
physiotherapy,analgesics,lumbar belt and back strengthening exercises will be helpful.

Ahmed Fawzy
2:42 pm

You have severe osteoporosis in all your vertebra with clear disk lesion in L5/S1 Also you sacral disc spaces and lower thoracic disc spaces are diminished Try long sitting with extended knees and touch your toes , also try standing on your heals with ankle dorsi flextion (toes up ) with extended knee while leaning forwards for 30 seconds If pain goes away or improve then you can start physical therapy which will be effective in the hands of a professional Also you will need calcium + vit D for 2 years straight with re evaluation of the bones every… Read more »

Masr Fawzy
6:16 pm

1- there is a severe osteoporosis, needs 6. Months at least with osteonate once a week and osteocare once perday، ، for further discussion contact me

2- please do MRI