Question: Fell down, cracked head – arms and legs now feeling numb?


Close to two weeks ago I fell down a flight of hard wood steps extremely hard. I was at a party and had a few cocktails and from what I can remember it was a plank type fall backwards, my bottom cracked the bottom step and I fell back and cracked my head on the floor/front door. I had and still have a very large lump with pain on the top of my head and to the left. I can’t see bruising on my head due to my hair, however, a friend saw behind my ear it was all bruised but I have no pain in that area. In the past week I’ve started experiencing numbness/tingling on my arms, legs. I also am experiencing a lot of numbness on my lower stomach. I could equal this feeling to a few hours after you have novocaine and it’s wearing off.I’m guessing i have swelling from the fall that is hitting some major nerve?

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