Question: Fell down, cracked head – arms and legs now feeling numb?

Close to two weeks ago I fell down a flight of hard wood steps extremely hard. I was at a party and had a few cocktails and from what I can remember it was a plank type fall backwards, my bottom cracked the bottom step and I fell back and cracked my head on the floor/front door. I had and still have a very large lump with pain on the top of my head and to the left. I can’t see bruising on my head due to my hair, however, a friend saw behind my ear it was all bruised but I have no pain in that area. In the past week I’ve started experiencing numbness/tingling on my arms, legs. I also am experiencing a lot of numbness on my lower stomach. I could equal this feeling to a few hours after you have novocaine and it’s wearing off.I’m guessing i have swelling from the fall that is hitting some major nerve?

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5:35 am

its been 2 weeks now and any minor injury would have been healed till now. the swelling and bruise in your head seems to be of concern to me. also the tingling and numbness developing in stomach and limbs is not a good sign. i suggest you get a ct brain and xrays / scans of the concerned parts done to see for any internal injury that might not be so obvious from outside.

Ayman Darrag
6:18 am

It is not good to get numbness generally in your arms and legs,it could be just due to a blunt for your cervical region or a cervical disc injury or may be due to a more serious case in the you have to check your self for the following first
1-brain ct and xray to make sure there is no Subarachnoid hemorrhage or direct head injury..
If not
Then do an xray for cervical region